Gone are the days when you can just walk to your co-worker’s desk to share knowledge. Owing to the current situation many businesses, healthcare providers, universities & nonprofits have shifted to a remote learning culture. It’s now time to think about how you can share knowledge and lead virtually. During these hard times, LMS is the key online training & certification at scale & ensuring virtual leadership across your stakeholders, employees & members.

Weblify Media’s MyPass LMS is an online training and certification platform catering to the needs of the various organizations irrespective of their, size, nature, or type. MyPass LMS is a customizable, scalable, and affordable LMS solution that extends learning beyond your team. Now let us study the various use cases of Weblify Media’s MyPass LMS, especially during the global pandemic.

1. COVID-19 Training & Certification for Healthcare Workforce-

Our healthcare workforce was not ready for the sudden attack of COVID-19 & the critical courses that are necessary to prepare our frontline health workers and doctors during these trying times include ICU Management during COVID-19, Immunological Testing During COVID-19, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding During COVID-19, Lessons Learned from Around the World Dealing with COVID-19,  Ethical and Psychosocial Issues in Management of COVID-19, Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus Scare, COVID-19’s Impact on Infection Control, Preparedness for Cancer Patients, Operational Implications from COVID-19 & Managing Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19. In the US, for example, the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) are offering training to healthcare professionals.

2. Seamless Continuing Education for Schools & Universities-

UNESCO’s report on April 14 says that 188 countries around the world have closed schools, affecting over 1.5 billion learners worldwide. Though the majority of the governments have taken to virtual classes yet that have not been able to reach every section of the society, especially the lower-income groups of people, and MyPass LMS is a great tool to tide over these challenges and maximizing the opportunity of continuing education for all. A report from Harvard Business School on online education says that using these technologies have increased course completion rate to 85% on HBX.


3. Large Scale Corporate Training for eLearning Ventures-

A report from Training.com says that it has seen an 8.6% increase in web traffic with an 8,135% increase in topics related to virtual learning. Even eLearning articles are now receiving an 88% increase in traffic. People have shown elevated interests in webinars, virtual conferences, and podcasts. With the shift to a virtual classroom, leaders are looking for tactics to improve their virtual presentation skills. They need to upskill themselves before going live. Many eLearning have also started leveraging LMS for adopting the social learning approach. Social learning is better than traditional learning because it relies on our interaction skills and is based on the maxim 70:20:10 of learning structure.

Our Response to COVID-19:

Weblify Media is offering free access to its cloud-based, customizable & highly scalable LMS product MyPass LMS for 60 days. You can use our free account to virtually train, test & certify your learners and staff, migrate your classroom trainings to a virtual platform, streamline scheduling, tracking & delivery of training sessions, making your training comprehensive to mimic classroom set-up & deliver high-quality digital learning material in audio, video & text format.

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